At Claflin & Associates we offer several services with an emphasis on Professional Research.
As Professional Researchers we focus on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction; we will do everything we can to
meet your expectations.
Need research assistance for:
Business Procurement (whether you need 1 item or 100, we can find it at the best price)
Text Book and Rare Book Finder
Selling an item (Get what it’s worth & keep your costs to a minimum)
Buying/Selling Property
Genealogy (Consultant, getting you heading in the right direction)
People Finder (Business Contacts, Classmates, Family Members, Military Members)
Information Verification
We research virtually anything using the Internet, Public Records, Paid Services, Library, and other resources.
If you don't have the time, we do! Reasonable rates.
In addition to Professional Research, we offer consulting on a range of Internet related areas including, but not limited to:
       eBay Sales & Service

       PayPal Services and the use of other online payment engines
       Digital Photography with an emphasis on Internet optimized files
With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any
comments or questions, please feel free to Contact Us.


Professional Research

Business Research
Research Employees, Employers & Associates
Research Competitor’s Online Presence, Products, Services & Pricing
Public Records Search
Acquisition Research (Buying/Selling office equipment etc… Get a point of reference for the best deal/value)
Real Estate Research
Property Records Research (Past Sales, Current Tax Assessment)
Crime Rate by Zip Code
Schools by Zip Code (State Grade, Reviews & Articles)
Closest Government Offices
Personal Services
Genealogy Consultation
Text Book and Rare Book Finder
People Finder (Classmates, Childhood Friends, Family Members, Military Members)
Public Records Search (Clerk of Court, Inmate Databases, New Friend Research)
Comparative Shopping (Looking for the best price for an item; Large or Small or Anything at All)
Internet Research (Miscellaneous Research, Looking for Rare or Unusual Items)
Better Business Bureau & Online Review Sites when hiring a Contractor or other Laborer
Confirm a License or Certification w/ Trade Organization
This is just a sampling of the types of Professional Research we have done for other companies & individuals. We will tackle any
Research needs you might have.

Let us find the needle in the haystack.
eBay® Sales & Consulting

Our company processes eBay® sales for Businesses, Non-Profits, estates & Individuals who don't want to get involved with the whole
process of photos,listing, research, emails & feedback. We will sell virtually any item for anyone. We will not sell "Adult" items or certain
herbal or OTC products that may be a danger to others.
We welcome the opportunity to help 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organizations run Auctions or other Internet Fund Raisers.
We have the ability to handle estate sales via the Internet, regardless of the size of the estate.
Sometimes eBay may not be the way to get the best price or handle the sale of an item. We will be honest about that and do offer
flat-fee Craigslist ads when a local, classified ad might be more appropriate.
Digital Photography
We can handle all of your photography needs. We specialize in digital photography for the Internet. Not only do we have the knowledge
to capture the right picture, we have the ability to manage and edit photographs to emphasize even the minute details.


Claflin & Associates has been providing Professional Research & Internet based services since 1999, starting with a presence on
eBay and developing extensive experience in Research for Procurement, & Sales, Competitor/Industry Research, Personnel Verification
& Family history/people searches.
Our company is built on the belief that our client needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.
As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
We use various tools to ensure that your product or service meets or exceeds your needs. We strive to deliver the best in low-cost,
quality products & services.
While we focus on small business needs, our personal interests have a presence on the Internet. You can visit our other sites that we’ve
created to showcase our volunteer efforts. Both Jen & Ron use their dogs (proudly displayed on this site) to teach Dog Bite Prevention
to pre-K thru 6th grade. Ron is an EMT and has a heart for Emergency Services. We are also the people behind the "Educating New
Puppy Buyers Movement" giving people the tools & resources to find the right breed for them, find the right breeder AND know what
to expect of that breeder with some useful Q&A geared to determining that you will have the support you need to grow with your new
puppy.  Our websites are below:
Click here to visit
Click here to visit
As a company founded on Christian principles, we always make it a point to be up front in what we can do for you. We work diligently
to do our best to make sure your experience is positive. With our foundation of faith, we have a strong work ethic and integrity that is
second to none.
We will gladly provide References upon request.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.


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